U2 DBTools November 2012 Release Notes


Build 1080


U2 Basic Developer Toolkit 3.0.4

U2 Extensible Administration Tool 3.10.5

U2 Metadata Manager 3.70.2

U2 RESTful Web Services 3.60.4

U2 Web Services Developer 3.20.3


The following issues were resolved in this update:


U2 Basic Developer Toolkit 3.0.4



A fix has been made to the U2 Basic Program Options feature to allow users of UniData 7.1 and earlier to override of the default compilation style under certain scenarios. This fix only applies to UniData connections.  For UniData 7.2 and later, users must specify the BASICTYPE in the initial resource view connection. 


U2 Extensible Administration Tool 3.10.5


In the configuration editor in XAdmin, there are two columns after each parameter: the current value and the new value. Prior to this release, when the user entered a new value and saved the change, the new value column was not cleared. This issue has been resolved. 



Prior to this release, any warning message resulting from a change made in the Configuration Editor was treated as an error and disallowed changes to the configuration.  This fix correctly displays warnings but does not prohibit saving of the configuration. 



Prior to this release, UniData users could not use XAdmin without consuming a license. In instances when all licenses were consumed an administrator could not use XAdmin to perform any administration tasks, such as clearing the licenses. To solve this problem, the following changes have been made to XAdmin:


·         A Connect as Admin option has been added to the U2 Resource view. When you select this field, you can sign into XAdmin as an administrator to perform tasks that do not require a UniData license. 

·         A Number of Admin Connections field has been added to the server properties view, which allows you to monitor the number of Admin connections in use. 


This issue has been resolved. 


U2 Metadata Manager 3.70.2



The U2 MDM tool has updated the way it selects the initial field that will represent the attributes for a file. Fields with a data type other than VARCHAR and/or FMT fields not set to 10 or L are given precedence over fields containing the default settings.



Prior to this release, when a user created a new set of metadata using the U2 MDM editor, a second, unused editor was also created. This second editor no longer opens and the issue is resolved.



Prior to this release, the table graphics in the graphical editor used horizontal scroll bars located on the bottom of each table representation, causing users to have to scroll horizontally to view a vertical list. This has been changed, and the table graphics now use the more standard right-side, vertical scroll bars. This issue has been resolved.



In the U2 MDM wizard, users found that if they selected virtual fields and then clicked Finish instead of Next, the virtual field selection would be lost. This did not occur if the user selected Next and continued in the wizard to create the 1NF map page. Users can now use the wizard to select virtual fields for their metadata files without having to also create a 1NF map. This issue has been resolved. 



Prior to this release, U2 MDM could not handle multiline error messages. This issue has been resolved.



The U2 Metadata Manager's Schema Tools verify tab uses JDBC to connect to the U2 databases. It uses the account name in the connection string. Prior to this release, it used the account name, instead of the account path on the server. This meant that the account name had to be located in the $UDTHOME/include/ud_database file on the server. The JDBC connection now uses the fully specified path instead, so that the account name no longer has to reside in the ud_database file on the server. 



Some users found that U2 MDM failed to load the field data from the repository. When data saved in the _METADATA_REPOSITORY_ file was loaded, none of the single-valued fields or containers would open. This occurred only when a dictionary item contained an item with the same name as the data file. All data now loads as expected. This issue has been resolved. 



If a metadata repository record existed for a database file, but the database file/dictionary was not present on the account, a Null Pointer Exception was thrown when the user right-clicked on the file name in the "Metadata Repository" section of the U2 Resource view. This occurred when a file was mapped and then later deleted from the account. It also occurred when the data for the file was deployed from the metadata repository to an account that did not contain the mapped file's database file. These conditions no longer cause a Null Pointer Exception and instead generate a regular error message explaining that metadata still exists for a file even though the file itself is gone. This is also recorded in the Eclipse error log. This issue has been resolved. 



Prior to this release, some users found that the Schema tool would report that a schema on the server was stale even when it was not stale. This issue has been resolved. 



In the U2 MDM wizard, users found that if they made a virtual association selection, clicked Next and selected some 1NF map attributes, clicked Back and deselected one of the virtual attributes and then clicked Next again to continue, the virtual field selection would be lost. This issue has been resolved. 



Prior to this release, users who attempted to use the schema tool against schemas with VSG schema version 4000.00.01 that had not updated using the MIGRATE.SQl command, saw the following unhelpful error: “Generation of the schema data on the server failed for file: XXXX. Error code: –1. Can’t open UD_SQLTABLES”. Now, users see a message that tells them they need to update the schema using the MIGRATE.SQL command. This issue has been resolved.


U2 RESTful Web Services 3.60.4



The documentation for U2 RESTful Web Services is now included in the Eclipse Help. To access the documentation from within the tool, select Help > Help Contents from the Eclipse toolbar and then select U2 RESTful Web Services from the Contents list. 



A new subroutine parameter type, json, was added to the tool which allows the U2REST server to interact with U2 Dynamic Object (UDO), which can be used to consume and present the JSON object both to and from the subroutine, and will ensure the correct JSON format is used. This issue has been resolved. 


U2 Web Services Developer 3.20.3



Beginning at version 1.2.2, the RunSoapServer.bat script referenced an incorrect list of JAR files and so did not work in the U2 Web Services Developer. This issue has been resolved.

Note: This fix can only be applied when installing through the InstallShield package for NOV2012 DBTools.